Academy: a model of what we today call on the job training.

Because a mind is still a terrible thing to waste.

I met Henry Paulson just once. He ran through the hallway of the Goldman Sachs lobby, feet clomping on marble floors, and jammed his briefcase between the closing elevator doors like some television hero. He and I rode twenty six floors to the trading floor of foreign currencies. I was a young kid, and imagined asking him about something as benignly cliché as the Weather.

Twenty years later, we stand on the precipice of three great new challenges: a transforming supply chain, a wildly unknown and unprepared community for the rapid advance of artificial intelligence, and a climate change that needs full attention of the world to stand a will-o’-the-wisp chance of equity.

American political capitalism is designed to work as follows: Build a company which creates regenerating capital value for America and its people, and the system will produce the effects that raise that founder to prominence. Those who create public service through their creation of economic models become elected by the Senators and Governors who prepared their Representatives.

The Emergency Management System operates communication through the Executive Branch and, so, yeah, Mr. Trump alone can fix it. The operational risk measurement and platform so vital to effective preparation and planning at the State and Federal levels before an event can be allocated through DoD, and a national security complex persists to build, if you will, that wall. Natural disasters created $305 billion in damage in the U.S. in 2017, making that year the most expensive year on record for natural disasters. Nations like Australia have taken necessary pathfinding leadership to take on these challenges to transform itself into an enterprising core of force multiplying entrepreneurs. Civil enterprises like UK’s ARUP are ready to scale global leadership abroad.

So, this letter is not so much about Emergency Management Systems as it is about the two billion children about to be born into this new transformation.

Like many Americans, these kids live in a world of ravaging climate confusion, and a tsunami of fake and false news arriving. Like many Americans, they live in a land of skyrocketing mental health challenges brought on by social media, and increasingly challenging class inequity. Like many Americans, one in five children live in poverty at home. Who is thinking about the children?

I imagine you and Mr. Paulson would agree on at least one thing: were this only a movie, we’d hear a speech now about releasing the hero in all of us.

Hope you’ll agree. Like if you agree.

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The good thing about Ms. Harris is you know your investments will be legal.

Introducing Library of Alexandria

WarGames begins with an apple-cheeked David Lightman stumbling into an un-public covert war game taking place in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, by dialing into an un-secure telephonic Internet from Sunnyvale, California.

When civilizations reach maturity, there is nothing left to do but form and wage symbolic competitions against various nation-states, and when done well these wages create technologies and communicate collaborative ways their participants can fortify their nation-states. When these achievements reach the point of increasing the well-being of the individual, the responsible governors of their people bring to light the advances and the lessons learned.

These are almost certainly fortified in revealing to the individual the covert and well-conducted security operations through platforms of public authority then into platforms of scientific achievement and community educations.

These are the reasons the American rights of the individual are held legally above the rights of the sovereign nation-state. To become the leader of the people, which is a value of the heart and the livelihood, the leaders of those nation-states must align their human and livelihood values with those of the legally held sovereign values of the nation-state. To become Presidential, one must do these both within their domestic life and within authorities of state.

The American system of justice and legal authority is so strong that the legal authority can and will be made to bend to the corrupt intent of the individual that holds the Office of the President. Most politicians hew this manifold by sacrificing their marriages, or children, or their domestic bliss, or by taking their angers of the Gods out at the American people. When the politician has risen up the ranks of the security complex, the territorial nature of those necessarily fractionated institutions unfortunately allows their ill domestic life or corrupt intent to shine through the cracks of secrecy or mismanagement and impact real damage and real tragedy on the lives of the American people and, abroad, this is how national security failings turn into policy tragedies.

The American security apparatus is powerful beyond measure and directed to operate into the mandates that its powers be used to create its powers further.

This prescription of modern United States governance is the self-propagating primal mover of its power to create and defend democracies worldwide, and, within the unintended consequences of political party factions, here, as well.

Ironically, this is the very noble consequence of General George Washington opting to relieve the country of his duty after his two terms as President.

The self-propagating prime mover of the structure of American democracy is the emblematic core of this country to persist beyond any one individual and any one lifetime. There is no simple adjustment to this system of authorities and liberties and no one adjustment is necessarily or inherently better than another. This is every bit a consequence of sovereign rights of the individual.

And so, American democracy has a virtue in its relentless communication and collaboration with further nation-states to spread liberation to all the peoples of constrained autocracies worldwide. But because American democracy rests beginning to end, with no ending, on its sovereign rights of the individuals, this liberation can never be brought about my force, only by education and opt-in, freely chosen adopted shared values of what an individual is to be.

The rights of the individual are prescribed by the definition of its citizenry.

Library of Alexandria fortifies the shared values of what each individual chooses and therefore begins a process platform for spreading democracy.

The platform operates emerging out from the security apparatus in the time of great upheaval and early-phase accelerating transformation of the systems available for the inspection and introspection into the human psyche itself.

Twenty years after the explosion of exponential understanding of the human brain, and its fully realized interconnections of data between sensory systems and consciousness, a capitalism of economic information leadership has emerged as the motive force by which attention is exchanged for behavior.

Imagine the awakening of one child connected into the network of the world’s greatest minds. Now, imagine giving the gift of two billion gifted children.

The Library of Alexandria is the network hub within communities or companies for delivering teams-focused information technology that unifies activity in one place. The Library ensures entire teams share, annotate, and personalize the same set of documents, data, and algorithms. The core product of the Library is a highly flexible iterative search feature that investigators use to automatically search, parse, and correlate document repositories. Using powerful AI and natural language processing, the Library understands long form documents and treats event patterns of information as regulated transactions of endorsements between memes. The same AI engines will learn teams’ subject matter expertise to automatically annotate and extract specific information, highlight sections and relevant papers, and deliver regular prescriptive summaries and action-educational improvement.

For the casual users, the Library provides the simplest and easiest setup to become the most powerful investigative researchers in the world, while extracting automatic knowledge that can be further composed and veracity studied by analysts using the same source documents. The system has been architected with American intelligence agencies and approved for conduct.

The idea of a universal library as the capital of knowledge and learning is an old one. There is no more powerful force in the world for transformation of poverty into pathfinding, confusion into actionability, injustice into resolve, strife into accord. The Library of Alexandria promotes access for all the world.

Starlight. Making better satellite analytics possible.

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