Building the Internet SuperHighway

“Mr. Clinton… Mrs. Clinton, tear down this Wall!”

Dear Mr. Clinton,

It begins with hope.

The woman sitting next to me on the SEPTA train to my parents’ home on this Thanksgiving Day is teaching Chinese children English using her smartphone.

Is this not the hope you enjoyed when declaring NAFTA and the ARPANET would usher in a new Internet Economy of services for American livelihood?

Now we stand on the precipice of three great new challenges: a transforming supply chain, a wildly unknown and unprepared community for the rapid advance of artificial intelligence, and a climate change that needs full attention of the world to stand a will-o’-the-wisp chance of equity.

That goddamn southern border Wall; and Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Ryan House Republican blocs aligned financial powers in Congress. The people need their voice to protect their financial livelihood.

This letter is me proposing the key proponents to establish a Three President Multi-Generational Plan to establish the Constitutional Reforms of the Three-Fifths Compromise using the American Design for foundational reform.

I believe the spirit of this letter is to honor the campaign achievements of your wife, Mrs. Clinton. Politics, likes physics and the universe, seems to re-order itself to fill whatever vacuum the motion of the system creates. The social and technological transformations of our day and age are transforming its politics.

Bruce Springsteen sings a beautiful song, written in reflection of the Iraq War and USA PATRIOT ACT with the lyrics, “Your flag flying over the courthouse; Means certain things are set in stone; Who we are, what we’ll do and what we won’t.” I believe this document is me honoring her commitment to honor.

Thank you.

Michigan: a transforming supply chain

The trouble with Biden’s “aberration” model is that the Pentagon currently believes that some hundreds of billions of dollars are necessary spending for some new hyper Internet systems to protect American east Asian assets in the war games against China. Many of these programs will no doubt be the ones which have curtailed the Internet of Things from taking root, and which now muddle and necessitate action against China in Africa telecommunications.

The Trump Wall plan can be destroyed by acknowledging publicly, loudly, and consistently that a successful solution to Climate Change necessitates that we so adequately understand the evolution of our climate that we have effectively produced this human civilization that could but chooses not to terraform its own planet. Dr. Warren will be able to administer this next Presidency to lay the international and domestic changes. These include acknowledging that at a civilization level, we will have built a system of ecological and environmental analytics and administrative protocols to act with respect to a “thermostat” for the future evolution of the climate. This requirement that the system remains in balance necessitates that the changes to the analytics are themselves fungible.

The hard part for legislative actions is that the next President of the United States must make clear to the American people that such an environmental analytics and administrative protocol marketplace decouples an economy from the traditional financial markets to the tune of $6T/yr. The Pence Artemis plan has adequately begun mobilizing for structural reform within Defense.

The American livelihood of the Midwest and economically depressed exurbs desperately need transformation and structural reform. These populations often face natural consequences of aging ownership stakeholders, in part due to blessed expansions of medical health technology during your Presidency.

It is my belief that a wholesale transformation of labor unions, estate rights, and Social Security must be made in the name of national security in order for America to lead powerfully through the changes which must begin occurring to face Climate Change. To fail, it is my understanding, would be to sacrifice the position of American Exceptionalism in the world markets against China.

While I personally hold no ill will towards China or its efforts to transform its poverty, with exception of its horrific Civil Rights abuses, most notably using AI and Internet technology to suppress its Uighur population, I do understand that American Exceptionalism is still required for economic stability to some populations at home in America, and partnerships established after 9/11 for some European countries, notably Germany, France, and the UK, I believe.

These elevate the effect to which the next Presidency must administer these national security and economic forums from the Office of the Vice President.

Companies like NVIDIA and Google know very well how new modalities of the Internet will necessarily integrate into the self-driving and automation networks of the future. Contracts put the brightest engineering minds of our country back onto matters of national interest and dissolve fears that Google relationships are “too friendly” with China or “anti-American” on AI matters.

The Wall boondoggle allows nice long desert highways to pave the way for a whole era of cyber-network sensor technology along the Southern tiers from Arizona to Texas along the same States Trump would build his Wall. The use of cyber-network sensor technology builds a foreign security border more in line with Obama-era policies and extension to protection of ports of entry.

Because the national election demographic center of power is shifting from Pennsylvania’s 18966 to the north east Pittsburgh Appalachia, election power stays in the State for the next Presidential administration. The State can “play ball” to transform Philadelphia into the metro hub of New York, Washington, and Pittsburgh, rightly westward to Ohio and down to North Carolina and Oak Ridge. These actions intend to further economic capitalization abroad.

To stave off sacrifices America owes its heartland, capitalists of Philadelphia can transparently transform NAFTA and healthcare to finance its megametro.

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