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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

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There is a prevailing wisdom that the forests use mushrooms, intricately and intuitively connected fungi networks spanning the duration of old-growth roots systems, to recognize and transmit signals of intelligence throughout its community. The prevailing wisdom is that forests have prevailing wisdom.

Humans are like that.

Earlier this week I had a date — well, what do people even call dates anymore, I don’t know — with a Palestinian woman of International Relations who was going through her own crisis of personal confusion. She recommended me the Alchemist, a delightfully intuitive short fable about following ones Personal Legend. God, what I would do for an actual, genuine romantic connection.

One open, approachable romantic invitation: a sweetheart connection.

IT seems obvious now with the devil having gone down to Georgia that our democracy is in grave peril. The kind of peril constitutional historians spend their lives reconstructing in literature and history books. The kind of peril that the conservative judiciary and financier classes were supposedly spending their entire lives, and tax cuts, ensuring Mother America never befall upon. The kind of peril good ole’ Duke boys and constitutional debutants in ‘Bama were supposed to be regurgitating their post-Reconstruction chorus of States Rights to defend their forebears from the evil slander of Northern oppressors.

Democracy was supposed to work like the mushrooms in the forest.

And it did not.

What was most strange about that date — or whatnot — with that Palestinian woman, after describing the intimacies of our childhoods and class struggles, the real semantic charm of fond romance and budding love, was that I went forward with describing the changing nature of identity politics to prosper for people like her and I when we stand up and defend our birthrights, and that a political elite looked upon couples favorably joined to know that by defending their love they would be defending homelands and creating peace as the politicians in the elite struggle to make good choices for the world at large.

To my surprise she found this intoxicatingly romantically attractive and her eyes shined along with her voice asking me to tell her more — then she stood up and abashedly confessed she was spending the weekend with her ex.

Humans are like that, too.

Call it the Little Prince, Little Princess model of American identity politics.

We went through it once with the suburbs and the Internet. Now we will once again with AI and the world, Never Forgetting the home is where the heart is.

And in the American suburbs.

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Bill Clinton stood at the podium on television one day and told Americans we, America, needed more scientists. I had deeply been touched by NASA early in my life and already sensed that I did not live in a district or class that was had had any chance of going to space by the previous models, so I hung my hopes on a role called Mission Specialist and dreamt I might be privileged enough, or at least talented enough, to send a gizmo to space and follow along for the ride. What I did not understand was that scientist was a tool of brokerage to assess a growing Russian participating in world science with the United States at the helm, and a leveraging of the Internet still a few years from its release.

I wandered courageously into the Tuesday afternoon 4:30pm Computer Club at High School that had only months been created by an enterprising teacher.

The boys… were painfully socially inept. Not the kind of boys a budding man wants to set his clock to, if you know what I mean. But for God and Country, right? The girls… already you are surprised; of course, no, there were no girls.

What I have come to understand in the years since is that when the United States Government launches an initiative, they launch a cultural armada.

So, sure, mushrooms are lovely and deserve our affection, but they are also distributed computation architectures that dynamically self-regulate load to achieve systemic production infrastructure for warding off insurgent threats.

Mushrooms are basically Kubernetes; or the NSA. Or, signals intelligence.

For every girl who did not wander into that Computer Club there is a mushroom waiting to be plucked, living within its magical spiritual aura.

There is no misogyny here — I didn’t even know that was an option. I’m mad.

After more than a decade of teaching physics and mentoring my share of participants, I’m not stupid. I know that for every physics textbook describing the Ising Model of atom-atom interactions, and its recognization of the genius of its creator, and its framework for understanding emergent behavior across long distances of interconnectivity, and its practical reuse again and again in seemingly wildly different branches of science, there is a television producer making the next cultural phenomena about mushrooms so that most people… yeah, I get it. It is an expected consequence of a free and democratic America.

The mushroom foragers are way cuter; and throw better pagan celebrations.

Oh, how the turntables.

Blackbird: Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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Not only did the FBI wiretap Martin Luther King Jr. under J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO initiative, which began in 1956, it monitored black independent booksellers, which were deemed ‘propaganda outlets.’ American intelligence was responsible for the 1969 murder of activist Fred Hampton in his own apartment.

It cast Black Power as a Black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Gender equity is not in nearly the same category as the oppressive castigation the political and judicial houses of our nation have subjected upon the Black communities, repeatedly, over the decades. Because gender equity is usually a coexisting paradigm within the structures of marital and property law, which for the foundation of nearly all citizen rights’ structures, tax, and monetary policy, very few parallels can be drawn from one problem of constitutional, legal, and societal legitimacy to the other, except by the best and most-skilled practitioners. These fights, like safety and security for the many subjugated communities within America, including the Jews, and immigrants broadly, form a multi-prong battery of initiatives, coalitions, and cultural armadas.

And yet…

Is Barack Obama the Ronald Reagan of the Digital Internet?

The United States has a system of administrative policies that assign a value of a human life to each branch of the system of government agencies. The values assigned differ from one government agency to another, and differ from one administration to another as new legislative policies are put into national law.

It would make sense, then, that insurance policies for every outcome of policy proposal and agenda would contribute to the good governance of the United States. After all, a robust system of governance would want to protect people before profits, but also ensure that no strange systemic confluences arise to incentivize the system itself from economically preferring the death of people.

This would be a sort of first law of good politicking, and the entry level exam any civics minded student or politician would want to be required to master before running for office. The GMAT entrance exam for Business School sets aside an entire third of the exam for students to demonstrate mastery of the rules of grammar; but these sophisticated problems are actually tests of the student to take a simple set of recursive logic rules and apply them within a construct. Grammar is simply a more approachable skill everybody will learn.

But, returning to the point, an effective and conscientious politician would build their platform around the policies that improve peoples lives, while putting maximum control against the injustices of the strange confluences of the government apparatus itself. The record breakers of this model of politics would probably be deeply in touch with the historical disenfranchisement of the American system of government, and have expert capacity to shape laws.

Because that politician would probably want a market based determination of the value of a human life, to maintain a maximum of independence from the vagaries of political sausage making, that politician might look at healthcare.

Healthcare benefits this politician even more, in that the industry has a robust system for individuals to improve their own analytic qualifiers of good health.

Neoliberalism is the control of the individual superseding the government; this is the Western model of the rights of the individual superseding the State.

Flatting the government accounting office model in the late 2000s would have also been particularly disruptive to the heavily leveraged American economy that the Goldman Sachs’ of the world built up in the development of the Iraq War. The development of Credit Swaps rapidly expanded insurance markets for everything from automobiles to houses to equity funds, but their core always operated on Foreign Currency interest rates, so as to be able to broker the relationships of the Coalition of the Willing. Inventing thousands of new ways to parameterize the value of human lives during any number of activities would have surely helped the war effort and the government offers made to international collaborators, no matter the collateral incentives left throughout the government system. Healthcare centered governance with a nod to its defense nationalization, and swift expertise of the digital security apparatus from a civil liberties perspective, would have been good politics.

That the Iraq War ensnarled (gifted) Republicans in to most of its economy, while leaving Democrats with civil liberties and climate concerns, would have made a crunch of the gears of Republican opposition when the insurance industry suddenly seemed on board to pass its legislation, leading to no more recourse than obstruction; the Gipper let the Democrats win a few rounds.

Which would have left the United States in pretty good position had Hillary Clinton won; when she didn’t, Trump had to pull us out of the Middle East.

To the best of the Democrats advantage they never saw this coming, and the crisis of national defense which was brewing by shoving national healthcare.

Which is the fundamental vulnerability to American society, and how Russia can get the upper hand, and China can rebuke efforts to cooperate with us.

This is the fundamental signature of an era of politics becoming outmatched by the information allowed to permeate freely across its democracy, when the politicians fool themselves into believing the transparency is their advantage.

Repairing the fundamental threat matrix of American democracy requires the rebuilding of a system of meritocracy for which individuals from any walk of life can rise through political expertise without destabilizing the economics of agenda that span ten to twenty to forty years. Building this system is the only way to confront American multi-generational challenges like climate change.

It also is the only way to preserve an American democracy which goes toe to toe with an eons old China; of which, Climate Change can be our test case.

Program A12: Reversing the Doomsday Machine

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The Facebook Climate Truth Platform existed for a hot minute this summer before disappearing from my newsfeed. Facebook has said again and again that it does not want to be the arbiter of what is and is not true. There are serious questions of veracity and context which must be satisfied in order for Facebook to provide users a secure platform to deliver timely information in the context in which it must be provided. But, Climate Truth is a simpler subset of the world of media and news in part because climate information can be objective or, at least, scientific, in that observations can verify its truth.

Melt With You

Operation Warp Speed is one of the greatest achievements of the American defense capitalism model. Its use of large amounts of post-easing quantitative financing allowed expansion and transition of a large fraction of the United States distribution networks and prepared its defense community for the foreign transition and international cooperation of the global supply chain.

But the secret weapon of this historical vaccine development is a network of scientific advisors fueled by and plugged into a sophisticated scientific search and response system for achieving maximum group effectiveness without sacrificing individual achievement. This data and literature Library InterNet between advisors, corporations, and colleges has allowed important and serendipitous information to be transferred at timely opportunities; in effect, producing systemic advantage for delivering on the promises of scientific research in its most crucial economic and protection capacity, by design.

Because, as a scientist, I do it for the love of the quest and personal enjoyment of the searching for new truths; but, I recognize that not since the days of kings were scientists simply bought into indentured servitude to spend their whole lives studying the cosmos. (A common story in the canon of astronomy is that Tycho Brahe died from a burst bladder when the king would not let him get up from a banquet to pee. That sounds like indentured servitude to me.)

What is the essential nature of academic freedom and why is it necessary for the pursuit of truth?

To borrow an answer by Albert Einstein: “By academic freedom I understand the right to search for truth and to publish and teach what one holds to be true. This right implies also a duty: one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true. It is evident that any restriction of academic freedom acts in such a way as to hamper the dissemination of knowledge among people and thereby impedes rational judgment and action.”

The challenge for American national, state, and community leadership is the construction of a fair and equitable system of persistently consistent funding and training these scientists within a model that delivers on the economics and defenses inherent in a premier capitalism society. These two requirements seem oppositional to one another until we recognize that science is a process.

There are times when we are one Nation, and times when we are a collection of States. And that mediating difference is the administration of the President.

Scientists work to discover their own truths; and communicate their direction through a system of formal and informal publishing method, and will often be happy to tell you where they think their research is going, and what universal truths they believe, so long as they believe telling you will allow them to get back to discovering those truths. This provides more than enough feedback for a system administrator to begin making equitable choices for the future of government spending decisions which are in line with defense and capitalism.

Perhaps this system as it exists today has failed to scale. Perhaps the America I grew up in has lost its direction and administrators do not know how to make those choices. But America has an unprecedented duty to meet the obligations of the live choices millennials have made in their education, to provide every American with vital and viable vocational skills training for their lifetime, and to ensure the American leadership forges paths beyond Climate Change. This is the navigational North Star of some future President of the United States.

Hershey Kisses

The great advantage of Climate Change as the platform for veracity in the AI and post-AI phases of American leadership is that accurate observations on-the-ground requires human and sensor intelligences on-the-ground at more or less the same time to ensure factual accounting of important circumstances.

The classic problem in the field is that rain sensors in the drought-risk region of the Sahel, a belt of semi-arid tropical savanna around the Niger River valley and the Sudan region of Sub-Saharan Africa are prone to human interference.

This complicates critical, comprehensive measurements of rainfall throughout the season, so that famine and financial mechanisms can be activated months before the threat to the region has escalated into full blown conflict or famine.

To ensure that actual information and media are being published about this region on social media, say, Facebook, a small team of trusted on-the-ground observers are necessary to ensure that their handheld devices, the sensors in the region, and the observations made from Space align and are actionable.

In some ways, this is an excellent opportunity for the newly administrated United States Space Force to demonstrate its peace keeping administration.

What Facebook can do is administrate the backend exchanges of the Three Systems to one centralized receiver team who can act on the veracity claims of the information and establish the diligences to clear the veracity for action.

The TriForce, if you will. The system Bruce Springsteen sings for when he asks the American security apparatus to “better ask questions before you shoot.”

My intern believes he has constructed a suitable partnership for development.

These programs appear to also support the profitability of Facebook in its current troubles with the Federal Trade Commission, which claims its three messenger systems are a monopoly so long as they are integrated, and which appears to also run afoul of monopoly laws with Google in the ad markets.

Time After Time

Most importantly, we like this solution because this may provide lawmakers the allocation and legislative space they require to help Facebook with its calls for changes to regulation of the Internet platforms, whatever those may be.

We believe our system can create high voltage education opportunities for all Americans and contribute to the progressive calls for solutions to inequity.

David Bernat
December 17, 2020

Starlight. Making better satellite analytics possible.

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