The Antigone of Critical Race Theory

Lessons from the Library of Alexandria.

Dedicated to Andrew Sullivan and Bari Weiss

Men of the previous generation build monuments to their intellect upon the world as the ego of manifest destiny. It is the archaic archetype of masculinity, of the non-gender variety of the myths and meditations of Joseph Campbell.

Brick by brick the intellect sticks in the labyrinth walls to construct our own maps of meaning unto the world, and we are — were — heralded for the task.

The foundation of truth and shared experience across society begs the society daughter, again, of the non-gender variety, so to bring forth the monuments of class, gender, creed, society, presence, status, race, education, and wealth.

Once, there was a Big Bang and a cosmos of Relativity which shattered the reign of Absolutism, unto what society gives dignity for its thought. Physics persists as a sneaky backdoor to tell society what philosophies are regarded and elevated to reason, in an era in which philosophy has been undermined.

The Internet of today self-assembles itself around our permissive unconscious world-views beating beneath the surface of knowledge like a tell-tale heart. It is Truth that any proposition can be validated by peering into this algorithmic mirror, nearly universally, to which our collective impulses against narcissism warrant a heavier theory of Self to emerge from our collective consciousness.

When I do not know what You believe but I know my beliefs are validated, I must transmute an alchemy of understanding that yields a fortified sense of my own identity into my attention and my awareness. What is an Attention Economy if not a conscious status problem for human social animals to solve?

Around we go, recognizing this arbitration of status as an indemnity against an overall social disengagement unto which we cast cooperation models of value. But such a model requires a strength of Identity, otherwise the notion of Truth becomes corrupted, and, worse, the economy collapses onto itself.

This is the Fight Club moment, the collapse of the credit monopolies to bring about the rebirth of a civilization of a new watershed reality; but such odds of victory are insurmountable against a global economy of human totality scale.

What land do the explorers explore when the world is covered with habitats?

What victory can be won within an identity-intrinsic economy with everyone?

In that way a new (and socialist) framework of society must emerge for which we can value one another as we value ourself. This is the Copernican change to Einsteinian physics of the small-c cosmology of the universe of humanity.

This confrontation with the Metropolitan is simply the continued conjecture of the same neoliberal ideologies of the last forty years of Reagan economies as channeled into the intermediate information-education reality I described.

If Truth can be obtained by independent and self-actualized industriousness of engagement with the machines, the Internet, the Wikipedia rabbit holes, then all one can reason in this reality is that value ought to scale with effort.

But if value scales with effort and is identity-intrinsic, what other consequence could we reach but ignite the God Complex within each of us?

It is a sign of wonder that within this supremacy of the God Complex among us that we arrive at an ideal of equality, even if illiberalism is the Freudian defense mechanism. And it must be: to shatter the God Complex shatters the system of equality across the framework of Truth obtained through Identity.

It could be worse: there are those who respond with messianic compulsions and end up shooting Reagan in the chest while carrying a copy of Catcher in the Rye on a sacrament to Jodie Foster. Today, they hold Michigan hostage.

Of course, I don’t mean to make light of any of this, only instead to untether the weight of current events we all feel so greatly from the meditation within.

Critical Race Theory is the idempotency of the post-industrial information economy in the presence of the cultural awareness of artificial intelligence.

It is a truly wonderful theory of the future for giving up control to equality.

It relies on trusting the innate human nature to not decimate the species.

It naturally brings up feelings of the past and bullies that got one punch in when they saw the teacher wasn’t looking, and the really bad kids bloody the bunch. But most of this fighting is happening within a structure of safety.

Besides: nothing in more universally human than pushing the bully back. And until a time at which we feel the cops are going to parcel appropriate justice, there will be schoolyard scuffles in the dramatic and the verisimilitude. There will be real harm done on small volume and our promises are to mend fences.

But fences built in fear make brutal neighbors.

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